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Kage & Leaders
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 Village Rules

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PostSubject: Village Rules    Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:29 pm

Village Rules
We need rules how else would we understand how they work.

Becoming a Major Village:

Obviously all the villages right now are minor villages and must eventually become Majors or be destroyed. So to become a major village a minor village must over throw another minor village the combination of the 2 minors forms a major, Also for a minor village to do this they must have chosen a leader, this leader is not considered a kage till the village is a major village.

Creating a Village:

A good source of gaining power in the shinobi world, Also a way of hiding from enemies.


-S-ranked. (Must be able to protect their village.)
-Must have a kage. (S-Ranked ninja)
-Active. (Self-explanatory.)
-Staff Approval. (Administrators or Mods must approve the member of being capable of running a village.)
-At least five members that wishes to join. (Otherwise we would have a one member village.)
-23,000 Ryo (To buy the land and build Kage Office.)
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Village Rules
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