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PostSubject: Uchiha   Uchiha Icon_minitimeTue Sep 11, 2012 11:56 pm


The Uchiha, one of the most powerful clans in Naruto. In this topic you will find information on if Uchiha is open, or if Uchiha is closed - Sharingan tomoe info and requirements - MS and EMS requirements.

First Tomoe - The user gains the ability to see and colour chakra. The user has the ability to tell if they are in a genjutsu and can keep track with speeds one tier above their own.

Second Tomoe - The user can tell if someone else is under a genjutsu just by looking at them. The sharingan can now copy hand writing and can track up to speeds 2 tiers above their own.

Third Tomoe - The user can track up to two speed tiers above their own and gain the ability to copy ninjutsu which would have hand signs, they can later train for the jutsu for -200 words, though they must have the element to be able to use the copied elements.

Mangekyou Sharingan - The user can trace up to speeds three tiers above their own and use special jutsu.

Eternal Mangekyou - The user will now never go blind due to the effects of the Mangekyou Sharingan.

To gain the first tomoe of the sharingan the user shall have to have the feeling of weakness, or have the feeling of loss or a strong sadness.

To gain the second tomoe the user will have to have to feeling of an even stronger sadness or feel completely crushed by their opponents.

To gain the third tomoe the user will have to have the feeling of wanting to gain in power.

To gain Mangekyou Sharingan one will have to watch someone really close, such as their best friend or a close family member die, or they would have to train for 10k words for the mangekyou.

To gain Eternal mangekyou one would have to gain a different Mangekyou eye and transplant it into themselves.

Users are able to claim special canon Mangekyou Sharingans for their Uchiha, each of the Mangekyou gives certain special abilities. If someone were to make EMS with the eyes below, they can use the techniques with the new pair, even if the canon eye's weren't their's to begin with.

Obito's Mangekyou: Obito's mangekyou allows the user to use the technique known as Kamui, or more commonly known as Space-time migration. The right eye is the one known as STM, the right is able to warp people from a distance.

Madara's Mangekyou: Madara's Mangekyou allows the user to summon the perfect Susanoo, however this would take up a large amount of chakra.

For any canon mangekyou's not listed, they do not grant any bonus, however feel free to claim them. Only one person can have the eyes.

Sasuke's Mangekyou 0/1

Izuna's Mangekyou 0/1

Itachi's Mangekyou 0/1

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