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 Solo Training (Private)

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PostSubject: Solo Training (Private)   Solo Training (Private) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 2:57 am

Seth was sitting at the Kage desk spinning a top on his desk when he decided to get some training done, he dropped the top and walked to the door peering out the Anbu were right outside so Seth turned around and crept to the window seal silently watching the door. He slipped out of his window leaping across buildings to head towards the training fields, After several jumps Seth reached the gates sliding to a full stop. He looked around he was happy no one was around, Seth then crouched and formed the tiger seal with his left hand, A brown blur flew from Seth's body he had created one of his signature wood clones. The clone landed 3 feet from Seth. Seth smiled at his clone then threw it one of his swords "Are you ready" Seth said. The clone responded "Ready" it then sprinted at Seth and Seth at it both had the blades at an angle tip behind them as they ran toward one another. Seth collided with the clone blade slammed against blade, Seth was focused completely on the clone he kept hi body ready to defend an on coming blow. The wind was picking up as if mother earth felt the intensity of this Kage level battle. Seth and the clone pushed off of each other and landed about 6 feet from each other, Seth then ran at the clone once more his intent was only to kill. The clone watched closely at every foot step the it jumped over Seth driving the sword down towards his head, at that moment Seth tilted his head the blade sliding right next to his ear. Seth spun around and drove the blade into the clones spine then kicked off of him landing six feet away watching the clone repair its self. The gaping hole that was in the clone slowly grew together sealing back to normal like the wound was never there, Seth then sprinted at the clone once more his blade at the same angle as before the wind picking up and the sky growing dark, The clone had began sprinting at Seth as well in the same way. The blades slammed together sparks flew in every direction as the blades cracked the intense pressure was keeping the blades from healing, Seth then spoke "Damn... *pants* This is a little harder than I thought it would be." The clone smirked then drove his left knee upwards into Seth's chin then kicked him in the stomach while he was in mid air, Seth flew across the training fields crashing into a thick tree. Seth's lip had blood running out and down his chin, He turned and spit some of the blood from his mouth then he sprinted at the clone once more. The clone slid the blade straight up with one arm catching the blow of Seth's blade preventing the attack that would have decapitated the clone. The clone then jumped back and then sprinted at Seth who was sprinting at him. They collided the blades flying from their hands landing next to each other 10 yards away, Seth then swung as the clone was distracted with the blades. The punch was caught then the clone shoved his knee upward towards Seth's stomach, Seth caught his knee with Seth's left hand as the right one was still in the air being gripped by the clone. They then pushed each other back landing 5 yards away from one another, Seth then ran tackling the clone and pinned him to the ground. Seth placed his knees over the clones arms so he couldn't move and then proceeded to deliver blows to the clones head. The clone threw Seth off and proceeded to stand, Seth had landed next to the blades upon grabbing them they repaired themselves. Seth then sprinted full force at the clone a blade in each hand, The clone swung as Seth jumped and spun upside down landing facing the clones back whipping the blades just right to decapitate the clone. The clone returned to wood and fell to the ground as 3 2x4. Seth then ran returning to his office to continue his work.


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Solo Training (Private)
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