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Kage & Leaders
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PostSubject: Kaito Yagami    Kaito Yagami  Icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 12:28 am

Character Template

The Basics

Name: Kaito Yagami
Birthday: August 19th
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Kaito has a very average personality. Respecting other people and loving all life. He loves training those who need it and will help all who need help. Due to him wanting to purge all evil from the world he trains his students in pure ways so they don't become power hungry or misuse their abilities. Though he is very strict and harsh when a student goes rogue or he comes across someone dark. He will cut them down in seconds if he finds this out, using his byakugan as an advantage to hunt them down. He uses his magnetism to his advantages and uses their weapons against them, often giving them a sense of victory before gaining the upper hand.

Ninja Info

Rank: Genin
Village: Wanderer
Elements: Lightning
Clan: Yagami
Kekkei Genkai Kaito posses a Magnet release kekkei genkei that allows him to control metal and weaponry along with gold and many other metalllic substances.


Health: 40

Chakra: 30

Stamina: 30

The Ninjas Past

History: Kaito was born on a mysterious island far off from any of the land masses that were known as the ninja villages where the remnants of his clan resided. There he was trained for years in the art of magnetism and the sword, soon mastering the two and discovering a few other uses for the magnetism release. Like Iron sand and Gold dust. Using them with skill and precision and giving him a great reputation among the clan. He soon grew bored of the life on the island and left the island, soon arriving in Yamagakure after months of travel. Going through the academy and gaining the rank of genin. Going into a genin squad and trained with them, showing them skills and new tricks for them to use in battle. The names of his allies he never really memorized due to him being focused on training and training only. The time soon came when they were entered into the chuunin exams. The team passed with flying colors on the beginning test but then came the forest of death, the part Kaito remembers the most. The team was able to pass through most of the woods, seeing the tower just a couple hundred feet away. But before they could reach it, they were ambushed. Kaito was able to drive off most of the attackers but heard a cry and jumped to the side, seeing his teammate with a dagger through his chest. Calling his other team mate over, Kaito tried to heal his friend. But it was no use, he was going to die. As a final preasent he gave both of them his byakugan eyes. Dying moments later. kaito exited the forest, dropping out of the exams and asking the Kage if he could exit the village without being labeled a Missing nin. The Kage agreed and Kaito set out, training those who needed it and helping those who were lost.

RP Sample

Kaito stood on a cliff overlooking Doukutsugakure. His robe on and his gourds of iron sand and gold dust on his sides and byakugan deactivated. He had been wondering through the world and had gotten word of a threat in Doukutsugakure and was here to take care of it. He started walking down the mountain, keeping his hand at his sword in case of any danger in the valley. A wolf or two appeared once in a while but they showed no harm. So Kaito continued his journey, soon approaching the entrance of the village and heard a voice come from behind him

“Stop and give me your money…….”

Kaito smirked as he heard these words, activating his byakugan and seeing the bandit behind him. Noticing his shinobi attire on, the scratched out headband and dirty flak jacket. An indicator he was a missing nin and that he would kill Kaito. In the blink of an eye, Kaito used his magnetism to control the kunai and have it slice his arm. Causing slight bleeding. Kaito then summons his gold dust to incapitate the bandit, putting him in a coffin like prison with the gold dust. Kaito then lifts the body and takes it into Doukutsugakure, handing it into the Kage office and departing, taking the gold dust with him. Leaving the bandit half breathing and bleeding out. Kaito appeared outside of the village gates, deactivating his byakugan and walking back towards the valley and the woods. Going to find a new opportunity and a new way to help the shinobi world……..
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Kaito Yagami
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