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Character Template

The Basics

Name: Kino, Minki, Uchiha
Birthday: 6/9
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Kino is a calm person. mostly planning things way too far ahead. He is generally nice when in a good mood, however that isn't often. He usually is in a bored, depressed type of mood. His good mood days when normally be when his family wasn't around to bother him or annoy him. Kino is a person who wouldn't sit by and watch someone be attacked, someone defenseless who can't fight for themselves, he would jump into the fight and defend the person normally being beaten. He wanted power, to protect the people in his village, despite being depressed nearly all the time, he enjoyed his village, he wanted to lead it to greatness rather than what it was now. He wanted to make it rise beyond what anyone thought it capable of.
Appearance: Kino M. Uchiha  [FINISHED] Jin-Uchiha

Ninja Info

Rank: Chuunin
Village: Kagegakure
Elements: Fire, Wind
Clan: Uchiha
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan; Second Tomoe.


Health: 60

Chakra: 60

Stamina: 30

The Ninjas Past

History: Kino was born in the village of Kagegakure, his family a loud bunch. He was the oldest sibling of four. All his siblings supposedly not like him, the fourth was unknown to them all, she was dead. She had died at birth, her personality was never known, her future was nearly quickly decided however. He was born with black hair, and black eyes as many Uchiha were. His mother had been an Uchiha, his father was a Senju. When Kino was nine months old, his father had left his family. He left Kino and his mother behind.

Kino, at the age of three had a younger brother. His new step father, an Uzumaki. His brother had been an Uchiha. Over the years his new father hadn't been great, Kino actually disliked him. Kino had been told by his mother that he was his real father, though ever since Kino could remember he hadn't believed it. He and his brother played together, it was either that, or Kino would have to listen to his annoying brother scream and cry. At the age of nine, Kino finally entered the academy.

He passed the academy, graduating. He had been assigned a genin squad and a shinobi's headband which he normally wore on his forehead or around his wrist. He and his team went on few D ranked missions a day, due to the fact that they were genin and couldn't do higher ranking missions at their rank and how long they've been shinobi. They trained daily, always meeting up to practice their skills. He and his new friends had usually worked together easily, having no problems when on missions or when training. When they sparred they used their full strength, as they were rivals with each other. It was a friendly rivalry.

By the age of ten he had a sister, a wild one she was, she had red hair which would have meant she belonged to the clan of Uzumaki, supposedly. Her personality had copied his younger brother's nearly exactly, annoying and far too hyper.

Soon enough, Kino and his teammates took the chuunin exams, a special exam designed by the leader of the village. It had been different from most. They had passed the first exam, and the second exam, however the third exam all but his best friend, Urugi had passed. Urugi had been killed by his opponent, the opponent was quickly kicked out of the village for performing a lethal attack against his opponent. He watched the blood of his friend spill on to the ground, his eyes changed, they turned red, they turned into the first tomoe of the sharingan.

Kino was now a chuunin, at the age of fourteen, his mother was having another child. Though this one had problems the medical shinobi couldn't fix, they hoped that she would make it. Kino had been sent on more challenging missions, C ranked and B ranked missions. After a few months, he was given the news that his sister had died. He was saddened, his personality changed, he became more depressed in the world where death was constantly happened, where people lost a family member or friend every few seconds. His eyes changed once more, into the second tomoe. He now had a goal, a dream, to be able to claim the leader of the Kagegakure village to protect it's people, to gain the power to claim the village, to claim the Kagegakure village and protect it's people no matter the cost.

RP Sample

Kino was in the Raikage’s office. The reason he was
there: He was the Raikage. An eleven year old child, was leader of a village,
one of the five great shinobi villages. He was the Kage of Kumogakure. There
are four other villages; Konohagakure, which was located in the land of fire,
Sunagakure, a nice peaceful village that
Kino had taken a liking to in the past year, sunagakure was located in the land
of wind, next to the land of fire, Iwagakure, located in the land of earth,
Kino considered this place to be boring, never really any fun there, and
Kirigakure, located in the middle of the sea, in the land of water. Kumogakure,
the village which he is currently the leader of is located in the land of
lightning. The village Kino liked the most, of course was his home village,
Kumogakure, which was also the village he is currently the kage of. Kino had no
idea in how he had obtained the title of Raikage; he was certainly not the most
powerful in the village, as the kage usually was. Maybe it is something else,
leader ship skills? No, Kino has never led anyone, not in battle, not in
missions, never. So what was it that made Kino a good choice for Raikage? Kino
didn’t know, and he didn’t care. The only thing Kino is currently caring about
is protecting his village, protecting Kumogakure. He was weak, he knew this. He
was most likely one of the weakest shinobi in Kumogakure, though; he had never
really fought in front of everyone. After thinking about it, he had never gotten
in a fight in Kumogakure at all. Thinking about it, the only place he had ever
really gotten in a fight was, Konohagakure. He stopped thinking; he needed to
get to work now. As Raikage, it was his job to protect Kumogakure, and more. He
had to assign missions to the genin squads, all genin squads were led by a
single Jounin. Most Genin squads were sent on D ranked missions, few squads
would be sent on C ranked missions, and very few squads would be sent on B
ranked missions. Kino would start assigning genin of Kumogakure to a few higher
ranked missions, as proof they are worthy to one day rank to chuunin. The kage
also needed to assign ANBU missions. ANBU went on high ranked missions; B
ranked, A ranked, and S ranked. Though Kino doesn’t really assign his ANBU
missions that often, usually only when he needed an escort to another village,
or when he needed to be in the village yet he was away. He would normally take
three ANBU members with him when he traveled, while letting the ANBU captain,
or another ANBU member let the people know Kino was still in the village, and
keep him from being out of the village a secret.

Kino would
take a break from his work, putting some papers he was looking at over to the
side of his desk, and went over to a small table in the corner of his room, and
sat down on a small mat. The table wasn’t very large; Kino could cross his legs
sitting on the ground and still reach it, which is why he did not normally use
a chair when he ate at this table. A man would enter Kino’s office, and a trey
of food and a drink. Kino had his hands together, thinking as the man placed
the trey of food on the table in front of Kino, and left. Kino would begin to
prey, thanking for his food. He would pick up a small bowl, which had steam
flowing out from the food, and he picked up two small, thin sticks and put them
in one hand. He would place them together, grabbing the food, which was ramen,
holding it together as he would bring the two sticks up to his mouth, which was
holding the ramen, and begin to eat his food. It had taken him a small amount a
time, just a few minutes to completely eat his ramen. He would begin to think
once more, thinking on how the hell he had obtained the rank of Raikage once
more. He had never really won a fight outside of Kumogakure, yet he was still
named the raikage. And at the rank of genin, from genin right to kage, it was
un-believable. Though, now that he had accepted the rank of Raikage, he had to
protect his village. He knew he was too weak at the moment, too weak to handle
a serious fight when the village would be attacked, if the village would be
attacked. At any given second, a missing nin could come in this village and
begin to attack it, he needed to gain strength, gain power. Enough power to
protect Kumogakure, at least protect it long enough for Kumo to get a new

Kino would think about it some more, he needed to
think carefully when making important decisions; he was going to go and declare
war any time soon, no matter what would happen. Well, maybe. If Kumo would be
attacked by a group of Konohagakure ninja, he may declare war with Konoha. He
needed to think peace; he needed to think about what would be good for
Kumogakure. If he allies Kumogakure with one of the neighboring country, then
maybe Kumo will be one more step to peace. He had decided to ally Kumogakure
with one of the other major shinobi country, though which one? He had asked
himself. He considered it, Konohagakure was a powerful village in the past, and
may still be. Though, Kino was attacked by Konoha shinobi multiple times, he
wasn’t sure about allying his village, Kumogakure with them. Iwagakure, a
boring village, Kino didn’t know much about them, so he decided not to ally with
them, Kirigakure, just across the sea from Kumogakure, though he saw it as an
evil village really, most missing ninja came from that village, most powerful
ones anyways. Sunagakure, yes. Sunagakure was one of the most peaceful villages
Kino had known. Certainly they would consider allying themselves with the
shinobi of Kumogakure. Yes, it was decided that he would ally with Sunagakure.
Nothing would, nothing could change his mind now that he has decided. Though,
if another village would come up an ally themselves to Kumo, then he wouldn’t
say no. He stopped thinking, grabbing the papers, which he had placed on the
side of his desk, and began to read them. He picked up his pencil, and would
read. Reading the long paragraphs, he had hated it. He was rather young, and
like most other children his age, he hated reading. He continued reading,
paragraph after paragraph, sentence after sentence, word after word. He was
reviewing assignments for the genin squads. Most of them were assigned D ranked
missions, few skilled genin squads were assigned C ranked missions and one or
two was assigned B ranked, the reason he was reading paragraphs on the details
of the missions, then looking at the genin squad’s member’s info to make sure
they were right for the mission they were sent on. After a while, he would
finish looking at all the missions and all the teams, and begin to think about
his power once more. He was indeed weak, just a genin. He somehow obtained the
title of Raikage; he still had no idea why. All he was told was that he was a
good choice for Raikage. He was sitting in his chair, at his desk just thinking
about it while waiting for yet some more work. He would get out of his chair,
and make his way for the window. He was looking outside, down on Kumogakure. He
was still thinking about how weak he was, he wanted power. He wanted enough
power to protect those of Kumogakure, and all of Kumogakure’s allies. Seeing
how many he had wanted to protect, quite a lot. He had already planned on
allying with Sunagakure; he had planned on protecting them along with
protecting Kumogakure. He knew he wouldn’t be very successful in protecting his
people and his ally unless he gained more power. He would begin to think of
last year, he felt rather weak then. Having fought a large amount of
Konohagakure shinobi, though not at the same time. He had fought his battles
one at a time, few of his fights had multiple enemy in it.

His first fight in Konohagakure; Kino was traveling
to Konohagakure for some simple chakra control training. He had traveled for a
few days, training on what he could when he could. He remembered he would store
his chakra in his feet when passing a building, and running up it. When he had
arrived in Konohagakure’s forest, he would begin training. Storing his chakra
in his feet, taking a step up on the trunk of the tree, and then pulling
himself up taking another step, then going to the top of the tree. After that,
a surprise had arrived. A Konohagakure shinobi was watching Kino, Hiding, in a
tree. A rather unexpected fight broke out, it was Kino versus some random
Konohagakure shinobi, he didn’t really remember if he mentioned his name, or
his rank, all he could remember was that he was from the clan of the Uchiha,
the same clan as Kino. Kino and that person would have been somehow related,
not very closly but still related. Kino didn’t really like it, but he was due
to them both being of the same clan. Whether it is cousins, or something else,
they were somehow related. The fight ended up with Kino losing, and nearly
dying if he hadn’t of gotten so lucky. He was tied up, by the enemy Uchiha,
which Kino didn’t really consider his enemy anymore, and then a fire style
jutsu had burnt Kino rather badly. Kino was defeated, however his sharingan had
awoken. Kino had awoken his sharingan in that battle; he had become a true
Uchiha. It wasn’t soon after, that Kino had signed up for the chuunin exams.
Unfortunately, Kino, he not passed the first exam. He would begin to think, about the past some more, before stopping and heading back to his desk/ He sat down, waiting for more work. Soon enough, after a few seconds, more papers arrived. Looking over the papers, looking over people who had requested missions, he needed to decide weather to accept them or not, and which genin squad to assign them to. Very few of them were above C ranked. Looking over the papers, he had began to think of the times he was in Konoha once more. The second tomoe of his sharingan was also earned when Kino was in a fight, just so happened the person he was fighting was the person he had fought when he had earned the first tomoe. It had only been what? A week? Maybe two in time between the obtaining of the two tomoes, now it has been more than a year and he hasn't activated his third tomoe. Then again, he hadn't been in too many fights since the second tomoe, he was in very few. He went over to the window, and looked outside over Kumogakure. He saw the children playing around the very large buildings, playing in the streets. He would see no sign of their parents, it was just them running and playing around. Kino would begin to think of all the genin, academy students and the children also. He thought of the parents, the old, the civilian. He would begin to think of those battles, those in the chuunin exams and those afterwards, and those before. He had never won those battles. He would then think of Kumogakure once more, and how a powerful shinobi could come into the village right now, and start attacking. Would Kino be able to stop him with his current power? No, most likely not. He couldn't handle Konohagakure shinobi, who were most likely genin, meaning he wouldn't be able to handle any powerful shinobi. He closed his eyes, thinking into the past once more, thinking of his defeats. The first time he was defeated by a Konohagakure shinobi; He was tied up through some type of metal wire, then the Konoha shinobi had used Dragon Fire Jutsu, while Kino was tied up, leading to his defeat. He was also was stabbed, though it was a while ago. The second time, he can't really remember. He was noticing he had never won against a Konohagakure shinobi, he opened his eyes, thinking he was going to protect Kumogakure, though, he needed power, power to protect. He opened his eyes and there it was, his third tomoe. He wanted to protect Kumogakure, he just needs more power. He had decided, soon, after all the peaceful arrangement's for Kumogakure are finished, he would head out into the mountains and train, like hell. He wasn't going to take breaks, he was going to continue to train no matter what would happen, he was going to protect Kumogakure
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